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S05 E05 Ula Caroto on Financial Freedom and Finding Prosperity.

December 12, 2023 Alexandra Ciobotaru Season 5 Episode 5
Femme Lead
S05 E05 Ula Caroto on Financial Freedom and Finding Prosperity.
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Ula Caroto is a mentor, coach, thinking partner, and a trusted welllth-being (wealth + wellbeing) advisor. She combines her extensive wealth management knowledge with powerful coaching and exquisite listening skills to help her clients find true prosperity in every area of their lives.

In our interview, we discuss insights on how women approach investing and what they need to succeed in the financial realm, key strategies or advice you offer to women to boost their financial confidence and overall well-being, principles, and methods to help her clients overcome challenges, and amplify their impact, and how she helps women feel empowered with their money and in all areas of their lives. 

She has 16 years of experience as a wealth manager and she has been the trusted advisor to successful entrepreneurs, senior leaders, well-known families, and charities. At one stage of her career, she was responsible for nearly £1bn of clients' wealth. Unusually for the male-dominated investment world, women accounted for over 50% of her client base, giving testament to her understanding of how women approach investing and what they need to be successful.


She founded UC IMPACT Coaching & Consulting - a company focused on empowering ambitious and driven people and organizations to achieve IMPACT: Inner Mastery + Personal and Collective Transformation. She helps her clients overcome challenges, accelerate growth, and amplify their impact.


Ula is skilled in helping women to feel empowered with their money and across all areas of their lives. She is also a connector, Pilotlighter, angel investor, and a keen supporter of female founders.


She's a passionate advocate for Sustainability Diversity and inclusion and applies her "Art of Kintsugi: Power of Imperfection" approach to help her clients turn their imperfections into superpowers and accelerate their career and life progress on the path to empowered authenticity which in turn breeds belonging, confidence and higher positive impact.


Follow Ula on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/urszula-caroto/

Check Ula’s website: https://uc-impact.com/

Street Wisdom:


Book references:

Hidden Potential. The Science of Achieving Great Things - Adam Grant


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Unbound: A Woman's Guide to Power - Kasia Urbaniak


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